Michael Alumuku Founder African Young Leaders for Global Health



Michael Alumuku is a Nigerian medical doctor who is a graduate of the V.N Karazin National University Ukraine. He currently works with caritas Catholic foundation of Nigeria as a program Associate on the 4Gates project, a CDC funded global action towards HIV epidemic control in sub national units in Nigeria. He has volunteered with ONE as a ONE champion during which he advocated for the allocation of 1% of the consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) for the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) to improve healthcare delivery in Nigeria. He is also a volunteer with African Platform for Migration and Inclusion in Health (APMIH), where he utilizes research to advocate and promote inclusion within health systems for vulnerable migrants across Africa. He is also a volunteer with an International nonprofit, The Human Projects as the Director of Teaching Human Rights Fellowship Program where he brings together leaders in Human rights across the globe and equips them with resources and information to teach human rights in their respective communities. He holds Certificate courses from Harvard University, London school of tropical medicine and Hygiene and The University of Washington. He has authored and co-authored several publications in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Michael is passionate about strengthening health systems in leveraging on the power of youth collaboration from across the continent.

Adebisi Yusuff Director for Research and Innovation AFrican Young Leaders for Global Health



Yusuff Adebayo Adebisi is a global health advocate and budding health systems researcher with a special interest in global public health and developmental issues affecting the global south and beyond. He is committed to advancing global health through research, innovation, and advocacy. Adebisi is the Director for Research at Global Health Focus, an organization that seeks to build critical thinkers and leaders in global health towards achieving health-related Sustainable Development Goals. He is also the Director for Research and Innovation at the African Young Leaders for Global Health. Due to his interest in public health promotion, Adebisi co-founded Pharmacostory and started an online platform, with over 80,000 members, aimed at improving public understanding of basic health issues. As an emerging evidence-based global health leader, Adebisi is interested in driving sustainable health policies with research. Adebisi has published over 20 journal articles in many high impact journals including The Lancet, Journal of Global Health, BMC Conflict and Health and BMC Global Health Research and Policy among others. He has also contributed 2 book chapters in a Global Health Casebook by Global Health Institute of Wuhan University and recently got accepted to contribute another two book chapters in a public health advocacy book by the World Federation of Public Health Associations. Adebisi has won numerous awards to attend and present in many international conferences including 22nd Amsterdam’s International AIDS Conference, World Healthcare Students Symposium in Kigali, Global Forum of Nicotine in Warsaw, Planetary Health Conference in the Gambia, and International Lassa Fever Conference in Abuja among others. His team won the 2018 Geneva’s Innovate4AMR Global Competition organized by World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, South Centre Geneva, ReAct- Action on Antibiotic Resistance and the International Federation of Medical Students Associations. In 2019, Adebisi emerged as one of the winners of the second edition of the tobacco harm reduction scholarships by Knowledge-Action-Change London. In August 2020, Adebisi was awarded the joint RSTMH and National Institute of Health Research grant to conduct a study on public health responses and COVID-19 in 13 WHO-Prioritized African Countries with a focus on risk communication, surveillance, and laboratory testing capacity. Adebisi is also passionate about youth leadership and he is committed to raising and mentoring the next generation of leaders in Africa who would contribute to the healthcare, research, and development needs of their communities. Even though global health research has since captivated his attention and interest, listening to music is one of his favourite hobbies.

Marvelene Ekott Director of Global Health Advocacy African Young Leaders for Global Health



Marvelene is very passionate about the pharmacy profession,possessing keen interests in public health, advocacy, research, awareness and policy reforms to improve the outcome of health in low and middle income climes like Nigeria. She's interested and working to combat Noncommunicable diseases like cancer, dementia and hypertension, and communicable diseases like hepatitis,flu and HIV/AIDS through numerous projects. Her enthusiasm for knowledge and leading initiatives has earned her over 40 certifications, including a diploma in areas cut across diverse aspects of health, leadership,advocacy,education, human capital development, entrepreneurship and gender equality as well as memberships in several local and international organizations where she is either volunteering, leading people, birthing initiatives, directing projects, or rendering professional services. Marvelene's commitment and attitude to service has earned her several awards and recognitions.

Nouha Damak Masmoudi, African Young Leaders for Global Health Board Member

Nouha Damak Masmoudi

Board Member, AYLGlobalHealth

Nouha Damak Masmoudi is a senior teacher of english In Tunisia. Her main interest is teaching SDGs and implementing projects related to thfbese topics to make students learn how to be aware of what is happening around them and how to become active citizens . she believes that the 21st century skills of collaboration, leadership , communication etc.. will help those kids to get involved and join the global efforts to help achieving these goals. With MA in Educational technology and being A General secretary of the Tunisian Association of Rhumatoic Patients that defends the rights of these patients, she’s trying to advocate Education and Health as basic Humain rights in her country. Her activities and experience helped her desiging online courses for both teachers and students , and also to take part in many workshops and events which led to be awarded with many certificates and accreditations related to these fields

Stephanie Hazel Kusa African Young Leaders for Global Health, board member

Stephanie Hazel kusa

Board Member, AYLGlobalHealth

Stephanie Hazel kusa a young human rights activist from Kakfbamega County, Kenya. Stephanie has a Bachelor of Business Management and fba member of the Institute of Human Resource Management. Stephanie worked at the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights(KNCHR) in the human resource department and later in a human rights election program under KNCHR/ UNDP. Thereafter, Stephanie founded the Kakamega Social Justice Community Based Organization. Stephanie is an Alumni of YALI East Africa and a semi- finalist of the Mandela Washington Fellowship 2019. She chairs YALI Alumni Chapter Kakamega. Stephanie is a youth policy advocate with Y-ACT, Amref and Women in Renewable Energy advocate by HIVOS East Africa. She has volunteered for Global Peace Chain and the Kakamega Youth League Coordinator of UDF party in 2012. Stephanie is passionate on issues of human rights, democracy and governance. Stephanie seeks to mentor more women who will run for political seats in Kakamega County in 2022 and beyond.

Mashkur Isa Director of country Coordinators, AYLGlobal Health

Mashkur Isa

Director of country Coordinators, AYLGlobal Health

Mashkur Isa is a medical doctor with a passion for global health and global surgery. He is currently undergoing a Master of Public Health degree at the University of Sheffield as an Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus excellence scholarship Awardee. He serves as a Youth Ambassador for the European Cancer Leagues (ECL) where he advocates for cancer prevention in line with the European Code Against Cancer. He is also on the International Team of the InciSioN Student Surgical Network advocating for access to safe, timely and affordable surgical healthcare for all. His passion for the SDGs, particularly Goal 3 dealing with Health encompassing the NCDs and Universal Health Coverage, saw him participate in the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Summit at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. He is an avid volunteer and has served as a Global Schools Advocate for the Global Schools Program - a SDSN-youth initiative, an ambassador for the World Literacy Foundation, Climate Action Group, Project Director at IOPGC as well as is involved in various capacities with organizations such as CHRONmate, CepasdAfrica, Youth organization for the European and African Union, One.Surgery, The Human Project, STEMi Makers Africa. to name a few. Mashkur has organized, attended and presented at several international conferences and served as an ambassador for over 50 with numerous awards. He believes youths should utilize any and all opportunities available to not only develop themselves but also make a positive impact in their community and the world at large. As an African Changemakers fellow, he sees youth activism and advocacy as invaluable tools to influence and create change through research and policies. A platform for brilliant minds and global health advocates in the continent is timely. In line with the vision of the African Young Leaders for Global Health, Dr. Mashkur believes we as youths can be the drive to achieve universal health coverage in our countries by contributing to the strengthening individual health systems.

Arthi Vijay

Arthi Vijay

Media consultant

Arthi Vijay is from India, a certified Project Management Professional, who began her career at giants like Ericsson and Larsen and Toubro. She has led a crowdfunding project actively involving over a hundred people, for an underprivileged kidney transplant patient's successful surgery. She has voluntary experience in handling social media campaigns for mobilizing blood and platelets to people in need and has been honoured by Twitter India at a press conference in 2018 for her contribution. She is also a feisty feminist who has participated in "BBC World Have Your Say" panels on prevention of sexual assault, Ideathons on handling domestic violence and legal remedies for the same. She volunteers remotely for the United Nations on Ugandan Water and Sanitation Hygiene projects, in association with Empower and Care Organization, Mukono district, Uganda. She's on board our team as a Consultant to provide us with her expertise on campaigns, causes & hiring.