Meet Our Country Coordinators

Biao Melissa Yemissi

Biao Melissa Yemissi is a Beninese medical doctor who obtained her doctorate from the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba.

Yves Jacket Nsavyimana

Yves Jacket Nsavyimana is a 5th year medical student at University of Burundi and a volunteer at Peace Building Burundi.

Wanhamaï Ibrahim Karama

Wanhamaï Ibrahim Karama is a 5th year medical student at Joseph Ki-Zerbo University.

Tatsapdjia Dimitri Gildas

Dimitri Tatsapdjia is a graduate in public health at the Catholic University of Central Africa.

Tchenguele Sinaka Consolation

Tchenguele Sinaka Consolation is Holder of a bachelor's degree in project management, CCCM monitor within the international organization INTERSOS, with six (06) years of professional experience.

Moussa Ibrahim Barka

Moussa Ibrahim Barka is a tutilary with different professional and academic degrees. he was the member of yali Mandela Washington fellowship 2016

Anloui Said Mohammed

Anloui Said Mohammed is the Secretary General AfriYan-Comoros, Former President of Young Leaders for Peace.

Richard seshie

Richard seshie is the founder of the Health Tech Africa Initiative that leverages 4th industrial technologies to transform healthcare in Cote d'Ivoire. 


Nyankoye KOULEMOU, social entrepreneur of Guinean nationality, holder of a license in sociology of community development.

Dr. Newal Ahmed

Dr. Newal Ahmed is an Ethiopian Medical doctor with over a year experience on case management of patients at Saint Paul millennium medical collage.

Bezawit Kassahun Bekele

Bezawit Kassahun Bekele is an Ethiopian fifth-year medical student at Addis Ababa University, College of health science.

Kwasi Yelarge

Kwasi Yelarge is a final year Doctor of Pharmacy student, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.

Mark Wanjohi Gagachua

Mark Wanjohi Gagachua is pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree in Strategic Management from Kenyatta University School of Business.

Ahmad Bouhuwaish

Ahmad Bouhuwaish is a final year medical student at the university of Tobruk, Libya. He is an active volunteer in many organizations such as Libyan Red Crescent

Tiahy Mamonjy Jean Népomicène

A studentoftheFaculty of Medicine at the University of Fianarantsoa and Vice President of the association of medical students

Vera Kabanda

Vera Kabanda is a registered nurse/ midwife. She works with Partners in Health as a Maternal and Child Health Nurse Lead.

Dr Keita N'Faly

Dr Keita N'Faly is a Medical Doctor with over 5 years’ experience working both nationally and internationally in Health Systems .

Sidi Moktar M'saboue

Sidi Moktar M'saboue is a mauritanian baccalaureate +2 in Biology, passionate about health systems research.

Zineb El Hasnaoui

Zineb El Hasnaoui is a 7th year medical student at Abucasis international University of Health Sciences and an intern in Cardiovascular Surgery.

Zighy Porsche Eixas

Zighy Porsche Eixas is an HIV/AIDS Management graduate from Namibia. A transgender woman who actively engage in human rights movements

Dr Charles Umeh

Dr Charles Umeh is a Medical Doctor, Family planning advocate and Telemedicine professional with 5 years experience.

Reem Yehia Kamel Elsayed

Reem Yehia Kamel Elsayed is a Pharmacist who works as technical officer at the technical office of the executive director of the General Healthcare Authority of Egypt


Eric MUGABO is the Executive Director at Oazis Health, a community of future healthcare professionals fostering at creating innovative solutions availing health services and information to all.

Emmanuel Lavalie

Emmanuel Lavalie is the Founder and CEO of Agriculture Multimedia and Entertainment for Growth a company that harnesses the potential of digital .

Ahmed Abbad

Ahmed Abbad is a peace ambassador world prosperity parliament on behalf of Somalia federal government, global peace advocacy and empowerment initiative and global peace chain.

Duaa Mohamed

Duaa Mohamed is a Sudanese pharmacist, a global health activist, She is a life member of the International pharmaceutical federation program ( FIP),

Matiok Anthony Madut

Matiok Anthony Madut is the executive Director of Friends of Humanity a national NGO spearheadin Hepatitis campaigns in South Sudan.

Lilian Kayombo

Lilian Kayombo is a   Master degree holder  of Health Systems Management from the Mzumbe University in Tanzania.

Andrew Mukose

Andrew Mukose is the founder and CEO of Gifted Hands Network. He Holds a Bachelor's Degree of Medical and Community Based Rehabilitation in Uganda.

Tukiya Kanguya

Tukiya Kanguya, is a public health practitioner by training and has over 3 years’ experience working on behavioural science and mental health research.

Vimbai Hamandishe

Vimbai Hamandishe is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Medicine and Surgery (MBCHB – UZ) who is passionate about public health; Treasurer of Zimbabwean Medical Students Association (ZiMSA)

Anathi Fatyela

Anathi Fatyela curently works under a CDC funded HIV/AIDS project where she supports a primary healthcare facility, She has a Psychology background and currently completing an MPH program focusing on health systems research.

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